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Analyzing Performance Trends

Posted by Susan Cullen on Fri, Aug 23, 2013 @ 09:58 AM

Analyzing Performance TrendsYou may have identified aspect of your performance that you would like to improve. Before you decide what to do about them, you should analyze why the unwanted performance trends exist. The major reasons for any performance problem are:

ABILITY - Do you know how? Do you have enough knowledge, skill or experience?

COMMITMENT - Do you want to? Is it important to you? Are there incentives?

EMPOWERMENT - Do you have what you need to perform well?

Here are twelve specific reasons for poor performance trends:

Developing Ability

- I'm not familiar with the basic principles.

    • Read a book or article about it.
    • Listen to an audiotape on the subject.
    • After studying various sources, write an outline of the main points.

- I've never seen it done well.

    • Watch a videotape on the subject.
    • See a demonstration of the skill.
    • Observe someone doing it well on the job.

- I've never learned how to do it.

    • Have a skilled co-worker show you how.
    • Participate in a group discussion with people who do it well.
    • Attend a formal training program.

- I know how, but I don't always do it well.

    • Do the skill more often on the job.
    • Analyze your performance after using the skill.
    • Brainstorm ways to improve your performance.

Building Commitment

- I'm not aware of how my actions have affected others.

    • Imagine how performing well or poorly affects others.
    • Ask manager or co-workers about the impact of your performance in this area.
    • Ask for constructive feedback about your performance from manager or co-workers.

- I have not made a commitment to doing it well.

    • Ask a knowledgeable person to act as performance coach.
    • Make verbal or written commitments to manager or co-workers.
    • Ask for and accept encouragement from others.

- I have not felt motivated to do it well.

    • Set a specific goal to improve your performance.
    • Establish a personal reward for accomplishing performance improvement goals.
    • Tell other people about your improvement goals.

- It's not my style or habit to focus on this.

    • Make a concentrated effort to try harder at everyday performance.
    • Make a record of learning experiences in a development journal.
    • Use a procedure or job performance aid to help you do it.

 Increasing Empowerment

- Doing it well is not a major part of my responsibilities.

    • Acknowledge that doing it is a part of your job.
    • Request an assignment that requires doing more of it.
    • Seek a project that involves doing more of it.

- I have no information about my performance.

    • Get data about your performance using multi-rater assessment.
    • Obtain anonymous written comments about your performance from co-workers.
    • Listen to others analyze a videotape of your performance.

- I don't have what I need to do it well.

    • List the tools, equipment, materials and other resources you need to do it well.
    • Obtain the resources that will help you perform better.
    • Ask for a catalog of available training or development materials.

- Where I work, there are obstacles to doing it well.

    • Make a list of what is keeping you from doing it well.
    • Ask a manager ot help you remove barriers to improved performance.
    • Brainstorm ways to change your workplace to make performance easier.

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