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Interpersonal Team Skills


3 Key Interpersonal Skills You Need At Work Today

Join us in this FREE virtual webinar as we address the three interpersonal skills that are critical for being effective at work today. We will provide you with tips you can immediately use to:
  • Empower joint problem solving
  • Encourage better connections with others
  • Engage people to want to help you
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Interpersonal Skills - TeamsIt's been said that 85% of the reason that teams struggle to achieve results is due to interpersonal challenges as opposed to lack of technical skills.  It is critical for each team member to establish the skills they need if your teams are going to function as effectively as possible.  Below please find 5 tips for enhancing interpersonal skills on a team:

  1. Look for the best in others.  When you expect people to do the right thing and have worthwhile motives, your relationships improve.  You will naturally treat them with respect and they will most likely respond in kind.  One of the strongest ways to build a connection is to let someone know what you sincerely appreciate about them.

  2. Focus on a common goal.  Identify your key objectives and what you want to accomplish together.  The old adage "There's no 'I' in Team" is true.

  3. Put the need of the team before personal gain.    Check your ego at the door.  Let other people take credit for their contributions.  Consider other's ideas and viewpoints.

  4. Listen well.  Make sure you understand other people's perspectives before trying to just emphasize your own.  Paraphrase to clarify understanding.  If you make an effort to hear what someone else is saying, they will be much more likely to hear your ideas.

  5. Adapt your behavioral style to the needs of other team members.  When you know your behavioral style and can recognize the styles of others, you can approach them in a way in which they will be most responsive.  You'll be able to reduce conflict and accomplish so much more.

Key Take Away
You can be a much more effective team member when you develop your communication skills and learn how to strengthen interpersonal relationships.  Not only will your own skills improve, your entire team will benefit as a result.

Download our FREE whitepaper on "3 Essential Skills that Every Manager Needs to Know to Increase Their Team's Performance".  It's not easy to manage a group of people when they are all different.  Learn how to relate to each of them differently in order to have a more productive team.


What other interpersonal skills have you found to be important on a team?  Please share your comments below.


Great article. Team dynamics create difficulties in communication. Understanding the needs of each team member is critical. To bring value to the team relationship, value must be provided by each member.
Posted @ Wednesday, April 20, 2011 11:14 AM by Mike Moyer
Upholding positive interpersonal business relationships among colleagues, subordinates and superiors is the key to maintaining a successful work environment.
Posted @ Tuesday, May 14, 2013 5:37 AM by Joshua Thomas
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